wyzant data breach; number of affected users not yet known

Data breach on the Popular online marketplace for tutors and students website Wyzant

Wyzant, online market place to match tutors with students suffered a huge data breach. According to the official news of the data breach reported by the end of April month of this year, intruder managed to access customers’ personal credentials. The company claims that they have fixed the issues. The breach was come into appearance in the next week on 2nd May. The company called this incident anomaly claimed to have invested in further. It was not yet known the exact person behind the breach. But, the data that the anonymous intruder could get was gained. The important users’ data stored on the network includes:

  • Full names,
  • email addresses,
  • zip code,
  • and Facebook profile information

Numbers of users affected

Wyzant is one that has more than two million registered users in total. Of them 80 000 are instructors and rest are students. There is no any information whether the both of them been involved in this data breach.

According to wyzant, they patched the problem and also ensured that the intruder did not manage to steal the passwords, personal activity records or financial information:

“Wyzant has implemented additional security measures designed to prevent a recurrence of such an attack and to protect the privacy of our valued customers.”

“This includes reviewing our security processes and protocols. We are also working closely with law enforcement to ensure the incident is properly addressed.”

An audit and further investigation over the network should take place. The company should provide any discovered thing related to the data breach to the users. At present, it claims that it will respect the privacy of its customers and warns them to be aware of any potential phishing scam attack. Here, the official email that reached to each and every user:

“Wyzant values your business and respects the privacy of your information. We are writing as a precautionary measure to tell you of a data security incident that involves your personal information.”

What if you are among the victims?

The unknown intruder has users’ name, email addresses and other personal details. He/she will use them in their spam email campaigns, social engineering methods and other several ways to steal the financial details, gain access to banking details and other financial details, credit card numbers and passwords even. That will make them easy to withdraw the crucial deposited money and create huge financial loss.

If you have any concerned of your privacy or have a fear of identity theft, following would be your steps:

  • Inform your bank about the issues
  • Change passwords
  • Do not open any incoming email notification
  • Questionable links or files appear on the screen should not to in contact with