WordPress 5.2 update released with additive features to give strengthen from attackers

WordPress is added with improved protection level to the contact management system that’s what people wanting for years. This new release,  WordPress 5.2, also known as Jaco –to give the honor of Jazz bassist Jaaco Pastoriu- fixes 33 bugs, and block the editor and accessibility features.

What’s the new in the long awaited update?

WordPress announces the update on its blog post with some additional features that is absent in the predecessor. Some of them include:

  • Two additional pages for fix common configuration issues
  • Spaces for add information for website managers
  • Support for Cryptographically signed updates
  • Modern Cryptography library
  • PHP error protection
  • Admin panel includes Site Health section

Matt Mulleneg, the co-founder of WordPress states:

“There are even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors. Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage your site solo, these tools can help get you the right information when you need it.”

Know about Site Health- what this is

In WordPress 5.2, users should notice the presence of Site Health section in Admin Panel. Site Health and Site Health the section. First one runs set of security scans and deliver the report about findings and the recommendation to fix an issue or issues.

The other one that is the Site Health Info provides information about the server setup and website. The details include the server, plug-ins, themes and file storage. These details are shared with IT specialists that help to self service the site through common configuration issues.

Cryptographic Library0 short details

Scott Arciszewski , one of the developers involve in the update and Chief Development Officer at Paragon says, the team has worked on renewing the Cryptographic Library with modern one. Libsodium Library replaces the old version mcrypt in the new released. He claims that after the update, hackers have to plan for some sophisticated attacks for their attacks to be successful and impactful.