Word Document Spreads Macro Malware for MacOS as well as Windows

The researchers from Fortinet have detected a Word Document containing macro script that circulates Mac as well as Windows malware simultaneously. It is interesting to know that the first such attempts for Mac OS was discovered last month when it was researched that Word document is spreading macro malware in Mac OS X. The related suspicious Office files are referred as “Macro Malware”. For Windows, this macro malware is present from decades.

Macro Malware for Mac OS

The PC security researches such as Synack and Symantec detected a fully functional MacOS macro malware in February this year. The associated malicious Word document contains macro script that embeds Python code in order to download malicious payload from the remote server. It is difficult to say the use of payload because the C&C server was down. For both Mac and Windows OS, it uses modules from the Meterpreter network for contacting remote C&C server and final payload is downloaded. The MacOS user should definitely take note and precautious regarding this new attack vector.