WhatsApp Scam: “Your Subscription is Ending Soon”

Social sharing websites such as Facebook and Google Plus has been facing several amusing scams from many years and now the cyber-criminals has picked WhatsApp as their new target. The Whatsapp community is facing a bombardment of scam message which says “Your Subscription is Ending Soon”. Cyber offenders have decided to make money by manipulating the novice users. The official subscription was cancelled in January last year but the felons are still trying to fool the targeted victims.

The cyber-criminals are sending email message which claims that users one year WhatsApp subscription plan has exceeded. You will not be able to send or receive the message any further. The users are asked to use any one of their subscription. The creator of the scam tries to manipulate the victim for revealing their credit-card details.

Since the beginning of 2016, WhatsApp has been totally free for all the community members. Due to its large user’s base, Cyber-criminals always try to crack loophole and manipulation tricks to cheat the innocent users. You may also receive other spams like WhatsApp Oro and Plus which claims to provide additional useful features like unlimited data transfer capabilities and so on. These tricks are used to directly cheat your sensitive information or your WhatsApp account will be used to infect your friends and relative WhatsApp account.

It is your responsibility to check the official websites and reputed news portals to check such updates or subscription failure notification. Any kind of such news from the company will definitely come on its official webpage and news portals. Further, don’t click on the additional links and pop ups on such suspicious message. Always evaluate such message and check its facts.