Warning! Check! Gmail messages are offer by third parties

It has been reported recently that third party software developers can easily access your System/devices through Gmail accounts. These emails are viewed by us usually when we are indulging in online activity. For the developers, as it taken our emails, make them easy to gain information about the activities. In actual sense, they questioned on personal security. This issue is mentioned recently in a news article “The wall of street”.

This is so serious topic Cyber criminals can take advantages of the users. They can easily collect the personal information and may often can done transaction activities. It may also happen that the individual information is handover to cyber criminal.

Google has confirmed that sometimes email messages can be read or feed by third parties:

Gmail is genuine web service that has crossed millions or more users over the world who are using this service for personal use, organizational purpose and other purposes also. Users send & receive their messages to any other user or relatives. Sometimes, these personal messages can be read by some illegal ones without any your permission. They are the hacker who is responsible for such illegal tactics. They inject malicious infection in user’ PCs and blocks their security tools and other genuine application. They can easily read users’ email messages and steals some crucial & confidential information as well. It has clarified by Google that you email messages or other personal online activities may be read or traced by third parties. So, you need to pay attention while you surfing online and sends & receive your messages to other users personally.

Some crucial & confidential information hacked by third parties:

  • User name/ Password of email account, social media account and other personal accounts.
  • Bank account details/ Credit card details/ ATM details and other confidential details.
  • GPS location/ Geographical location can be traced by illegal ones.
  • Online activities like browser history, search queries, URLs search and other.

However, Google has given its response to the wall street journal regarding Gmail security. It was answered in the form of privacy protection and security policies. But those messages are not with the issue directly.

Need to know how we can secure the information from the third parties. for this purpose Frey, a very famous security experts says that it must needed to cancel all the previous permission that are allow by the users via go to the browser setting. He also advice that there is no need to open all the messages that appears. It is not needed are informational, some are spam. Need to be trash such messages. And also check before any clicking any message if it is unfamiliar to you then do deny it.