Useful tips: how to increase computer battery life

Here is the ways help in to extent the battery life of your laptops

Here are some easy guides that will help you to increase the laptop’s battery life. May be some of guides that we are going to mention you use, however there include some others that you have not known. Let’s us begin and see how to increase computer battery life.

Dim the Screen

The screen backlight is one that drains the biggest battery power. Yes, this is the important features off course. By this you see different colors on your computer screen, power snapping fluorescent backlights of old laptops. Often the modern LED screen uses the fair amount of the batter power.

Dimming the screen mean dimming the brightness of the screen. This will add 30 min extra life to the battery. Now the question is how to adjust the brightness? Well, hold the Fn key and press one of the function keys that are placed on the top of the keyboard, or one of the cursor key that is labeled with sun symbol. Other way to do the same is to hold the Window key and press X. A Mobility centre with an option to change the brightness will appear as a pop-up. This will work for all Windows version.

Change the power settings

You should use the power saver mode rather than the Window Balanced settings that is set by default. In order to make the changes, go to Control Panel and search for Power Options and then set the Plan to the battery saver option. Do select it and close the Window. Other way for this is to click on “Show additional plans” on the “Power option”. If nothing would happen with doing this then you should customize the power plan.

You should turn off the screen after couple of minutes. Put the screen to sleep mode if nothing would be the resultant even after keeping the screen to the turn off mode for 5 to 10 minutes.

When you use “Advanced settings” over there, you would be able to decide which components inside your PC should use their maximum power saving profiles and when the system hibernates.

In Window 10, there is feature to enable battery saver mode which works just like battery saver of phones.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

So far, we have discussed how to increase computer battery life by just dimming the screen and changing the power settings. Let move on and see how the WI-FI and Bluetooth are the one consumes the battery life most and how disabling of it will be help in increasing the laptop battery life.

You should disable the Wi-FI and the Bluetooth of your device, if you are not using them. These two consume the most batter power, thus it makes sense to turn them off. Many computers have the key combination to disable the WI-Fi, for you can do that easily.

However, the Bluetooth could be a trickier as many manufacturers provide utility to enable and disable the Bluetooth. You can disable the Bluetooth through the Control Panel by scrolling down for Bluetooth adaptor in the list of hardware. Click the right button on it and then click on the disable button.

Avoid permanent charging

However, the Lithium-ion battery is good and does not get overcharged. This does not mean that you keep your laptop always on the charging mode. Manufactures provide a utility to their battery (especially the Lenovo and Sony) that limit the battery from the full charged. This means you can leave the battery always connected to the mains. You should disable the limiter and allow the laptop to the 100%.

Disconnect remove unnecessary peripherals

Disconnect your disk in your DVD drive if they are not needed. This is how you can increase computer battery life. These drives might spin whenever you launch a Window Explorer or access the save option in an application.  So, as the USB accessories, thus you should disconnect the portable hard disks or USB web cams if not needed.

Upgrade to an SSD

For spinning their platters, the Mechanical hard disks require a fair few watts than that of the Solid State Drive since it has no moving parts. However, this would not show the huge improvement in the battery life.

Manage your memory

If you open 10 or even 20 tabs at a time in your browser, you will get highly increasing in your battery life by culling them. You should also do the same if you are using lots of applications at a time. When you use the multiple programs at a time, you will use all the free system space. This not only downgrades the PC performances but also decreases the battery life. You can fix this issue by increasing your memory space in the computer.

In the discussion above, you have provided the ways how to increase computer battery life just by doing some changes on the internal battery. Let’s see how a eternal battery would be helpful in increasing the laptops battery life.

Get a second battery

You can have the battery of greater capacity than the originally provided. Your computer can accept the higher one. However, if your computer has lack of the removal battery, you should buy a universal laptop battery that provides tips that suits to any laptops. Charge this battery and connect it to the power socket of your laptop and use appropriate tip in case your laptops’ internal battery gets low. That external battery charges the internal battery and if you remove the internal one this will power your laptops.

Buy a new battery

Batteries degrades usually half of the time before and often gets reduced its capability of about 50% due to the hard use of it over times. For the users’ laptops that allows the user’ replacement batteries, it would be better if you purchase some third party replacements battery that will cost merely the same as that of your laptop manufacturer.

Switch to internal graphics

When internal graphics chips are used, the battery power of the computer for twice as long as when the Nvidia or AMD chip is used in this place. If your laptop has AMD or Nvidia graphic chip, most probably it has some integrated graphics. This setup is done so that the powerful graphics is used only when there is need such as when you are playing games or running demanding applications.

This is all about how to increase computer battery life. Do you know? You can run a battery test and get a detail about the battery condition of your computer. This tool is built into Window 8 and 10. See it and get the idea which one you are needed of to increase your laptop battery life.