“Updates for Samsung” App Asks Users to Pay-up for Working Patches

According to report, CSIS Security group have researched that the deceptive app “Updates for Samsung” which is basically to designed to update Firmware for Samsung Smartphone without any cost. Apart from this Android application redirect users’ search on Ad-supported websites that shows ads in huge amount in order to convinces the users to pay up for the working security patches.

The fact is that numerous users are not always able searching the correct Firmware & software updates for their Samsung Smartphone’s model, and due to this big reason, developers of Android take advantage of this situations and asks the targeted users to pay money. Let’s take have a look at story in detail.

10,000 Million Android Users/Customers Installed “Updates for Samsung”

Report says, around 10,000 million Android users have already installed an updates for Samsung. According to security experts, the apps are not malicious at all which users have installed on their Samsung Smartphone while downloading Firmware Update. However, researchers also said that the app is using tricks to make money from innocent users who want to update their Samsung Smartphone’ firmware. It has been cleared by Kuprins (security experts) that the Android App to install Updates for Samsung is not come from official source but instead of update.com website. Let’s take have a look at Kuprins’s statement.

Although not malicious in the traditional meaning of that term “Updates for Samsung” does not seem to offer users much of value besides a lighter wallet and as such highlights the risks of ignoring the fine print.

CSIS Security group explained, Developer use shady practice to make money from users

On deep research by Aleksejs Kuprins on this matter, he has pointed out some concept behind the App. According to them, there is no any evidence that the app is genuine and it comes from Samsung itself. On other hand, when users open “Updates for Samsung” and visit update.com website, then they notice huge amount of ads on Web-View Window on site. It also shows Android related news on its platform.

Moreover, it states that users who are interested in updating their Samsung phones can find for suitable updates via the app. Once found, Samsung users can download updates for free but download speed is limited i.e., 56 KB/s which can take about four hours if security patch is approx 700MB size. After that, it uses tricks to prompt the message on their screen and asks for paid option which offers a yearly subscription for $34.99.

Moreover, this agreement can’t be seen when users downloaded the app via official Google Play Store, but users are rather prompted to enter credit card details directly which can collect their information too. The final word of security researcher about the app is that, it is not affiliated with Samsung in any way which are offering Firmware & software updates from the hardware maker.

“Updates for Samsung” Matter is detected as unfair means of Marketing

As we know that, there are many Android applications on Google Play Store or Chrome Store claims to be absolutely free, but in rare case some app is available on the store which needs to purchase. When we talk about “Updates for Samsung” Android App, it is confirmed by security researcher that this app is not come official site of Samsung. It uses an unfair means of marketing. For those users who want to update their Samsung Smartphone’s Firmware, they must download the update from origami sources which is always recommended. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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