Trickbot Trojan returns: banking virus

Trickbot has detected by Cyber security experts. According to them, it is very dangerous banking virus which has the capability to steals financial details of customer. This nasty program is made for purpose by Cyber criminals who want to gain illegal online profit and cheat with innocent user. They never do any mercy. They keep record of users’ confidential details and steals money from their bank’s account as well. They send series of email messages using the name of some trustworthy bank’s name and asks you to fill your financial details and send to them.

Trickbot Trojan is big online scam that is new phishing scam. Webroot was previous version that has detected by security researcher in 15 March 2016. Trickbot is new version which has extra capacity or features than previous ones. Cyber criminals send malicious links on customer emails that infects their internet browsing performance. This malware get enters the machine and creates such folder as name of module in Teamviewer folder that causes automatic execution of Trickbot on devices. It modifies or corrupts genuine module like spreader_x86.dll with its own module that leads major damages. It injects malicious codes in System registry setting that causes automatic restarts the PCs in certain interval of times.

Prevention tips of Trickbot Trojan virus:

  • Keeps your OS updates to avoid spyware or adware.
  • You should always download/install genuine & professional antimalware.
  • You should avoid unsolicited mail or email spam messages.
  • Be careful while downloading attachments from email.
  • Do not fill financial data or send to unofficial companies or unknown users.