TomorrowLand Customer’s data exposed due to ticket System hacked

Tomorrowland’s ticket system hacked, personal data stolen

Recent news about Customer’ data exposure that organizer of Tomorrowland music festivals sentenced about their customers’ personal details which they were given while purchasing ticket, it had been hacked by cyber criminals. The hacker has stolen users’ personal data who bought ticket four years ago for the festivals. After all, the good news is that these criminals have not access any payment or address details of Tomorrowland’s customers.

Data Exposure:  Attack in Tomorrowland’s tricketing System

Cyber criminals are behind such illegal tactics. They always try to access poorly secured PCs and infect it deeply. Its main motive is to access the users’ System remotely and steal their personal details as well. In cases of Tomorrowland’s tricketing System, they are already exposed some crucial data of customers like name or surname, email ID, postal code, gender, age and others.

Every year in Belgium, electronic dance music festival is organized by Tomorrowland.  The most interesting fact about data exposure is that hacker attempts to affect data of only those customers who books the tricked for the show held in 2014. And rest of the customer’s data was remaining secured means these data were not accessed by Cyber criminals.

Main Reason of Tomorrowland’s data exposure: Outdated System

According to Debby Wilmsen the spokesperson, the malicious activities were noticed due to outdated System of paylogic was found and experts identified the Cyber attack. His Statements are “The administrators of the Paylogic ticketing system noticed unusual activity on an outdated system. After an extensive analysis, an old data file of Tomorrowland 2014 appeared on it.” Most infesting fact is that the hacker haven’t stolen any confidential information like credit/debit card numbers and others details.

Immediate Action were taken after attack

It is clear that Tomorrowland’s ticketing System were hacked due outdated server used by organization. After that, company was taken immediate action regarding “data exposure” and close the server right way. They informed the privacy commission about the events and sent a email message which warn the customers who might have become the users of secret attempt.

Company asked to customer that you should be careful while receiving email letters about different types of ticket sales, address and other details. If these messages are not coming from originals senders, then you should delete these messages immediately. However, organization states on original site, it should not be mixed with any other fake one.

Cyber security experts recommend paying attention while booking ticket online:

You can’t guess no one wants to have your sensitive data leaked. Cyber experts suggests to paying some attention while surfing online or booking any ticket online. You should try to visit the original site for book the ticket. If you are not sure about the site weather it is genuine or infected, then you simply close the site. You should always to create strong password for al internet accounts.