Tips to Improve PC Startup Speed

Windows OS based PC is considered to be vulnerable and it often happens that its performance gets slow after a certain period of time. The novice users don’t realize that when they boot their PC, so many processes related to unknown programs gets launched automatically. This usually happens in old work-station but some time, this kind of issues occurs on brand new PC as well. It takes too much time to execute normal tasks and some time it displays unusual error message on the display. The booting and start-up time also increase to maximum. So, if you wondering how to improve PC Startup Speed and overall performance then you are at the right place to get your queries answered.

Most of the PC users think that it is enough to scan and clean the malware from PC and everything will get all right automatically. Sometime there is no virus infection or malware in the work-station but it stills works very slow. Follow some of the solution steps mentioned below which boost the speed of certain programs and thus overall PC functionality and performance will boost up.

Solution 1: The Fast Startup Feature in Windows 10

This feature is exclusively available in Windows 10 PC. When you enable this feature, the next time when you shut-down the System, it automatically save the current status of PC including the running drives and applications. The information regarding System booting gets stored and thus it takes very less time when you boot the PC next time. The steps to enable fast startup feature in Windows 10 are:

  • Go to Power option in the “Start-up” menu.
  • Select what power button do
  • Press on change current settings
  • In the Shutdown settings, enable the fast startup icon

Solution 2: Open Less Programs

  • Open the Windows Task Manager from Start button
  • Choose More Details and click on Startup tab
  • Choose the option that shows the list of all the automatically starting apps
  • Disables all the unwanted programs that start-up automatically.

Solution 3: Decrease the Boot Menu Timeout

  • Go to Start-up> Control Panel
  • Choose the Advanced System Settings
  • Go to Startup and Recovery > Settings
  • The setting of Boot Menu Timeout is displayed and you have to decrease the time
  • Click on “OK” button

Apart from the solution mentioned above, some of the tips has been mentioned below that will improve the overall PC performance significantly

  • Update the solid state drive as it will boost the read time. Thus the computer will run faster on installing a solid state drive
  • Keep the start-up program clean. Don’t open unnecessary program at the launch of System start-up time. This boost the RAM and CPU performance
  • At the time of Startup, don’t use unrequited fonts
  • Disable or uninstall unnecessary device drivers from the Device Manager.

Once PC Startup Speed gets boosted, it is also important to improve the System performance. This doesn’t require any manual steps or process. Just scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming logics.