Remove .VIRUS Ransomware from Windows OS

Simple guide to delete .VIRUS Ransomware and recover encrypted files According to expert, it is described as a piece of malicious software that belongs to Dharma ransomware family. This perilous threat is specifically designed to locks down all your important files available on your desktop and keeps it in the same situations until ransom money is paid. After encrypting, it renames all files with Victim’s unique ID, developers email address and by using “.VIRUS” extensions and makes it totally unusable. It is able to encrypt all types of system files like images, audios, videos, documents, databases and other files found on your computer. After completing encryption process, it creates text file “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt and place it on your system screen to notify you about encryptions. More details about .VIRUS Ransomware The text file contain short message which informs victims that all their data have been locked and can only be Read more