Varenyky spambot Trojan virus in the wild used to executing spam emails

French users are target of malicious Varenyky that records visiting adult sites ESET researchers have observed a new malware strain named –Varenyky. The malware sends out various spam related to corrupt smartphones promotion and also distribute sextortion scam emails. As per the experts, the features of the malware is constantly being changed and improved. The said researchers’ team has found a very interesting thing about the virus is that it can record users’ screens as soon as they enter a pornographic website: “This spambot is interesting because it can steal passwords, spy on its victims’ screen using FFmpeg when they watch pornographic content online, and communication to the C&C server is done through Tor, while spam is sent as regular internet traffic.” The scam email campaign ESET are not sure about how the infection initially took place. The anticipation is that phishing financial emails were used for the distribution the Read more