How to remove .vacv2 file virus from PCs

Complete .vacv2 file virus removal guide Vacv2 or otherwise called .vacv2 file virus is a huge risk ransomware infection belongs to Paradise ransomware family. The credit for this discovery goes to MalwareHunterTeam. Like other viruses of this kind, Vacv2 encrypts stored files and demands ransom for the decryption. During the encryption process, it appends the filenames of the encrypted files with .vacv2 extension (victims’ ID number and the developers’ email address). Following to this, it creates “$%%! NOTE ABOUT FILES -=!-.html” file, which contains the ransom demanding message. The ransom note states that all the important files have been encrypted due to security problem. To get these files in the original accessible condition, the victims are encouraged to pay a ransom in Bitcoins. They are said to establish contact to the Cybercriminals behind .vacv2 file virus via the [email protected] file virus email address to get the further details such as Read more