North Korean launches 35 incidences of Cyber attacks on investigation

UN experts snooping 35 Cyber attacks by North Korea in 17 countries United Nation –UN states that they are investigating 35 incidents in which North Korea launched Cyber attacks against 17 different countries. It seems that the North Korean tried to raise money for weapons and mass destruction programs. Last week, Associated Press summarized the experts report and wrote that the North Korea acquired total sum of $2 billion through the Cyber attacks. “The report to the Security Council gives details on some of the North Korean cyberattacks as well as the country’s successful efforts to evade sanctions on coal exports in addition to imports of refined petroleum products and luxury items including Mercedes Benz S-600 cars”, — points out Associated Press. The most targeted were the financial institution and cryptocurrency exchanges. “South Korea’s Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, was reportedly attacked at least four Read more