Remove .uanl file virus and decrypt .uanl files

Easy .uanl file virus removal instructions UANL or otherwise called .uanl file virus is a new variant of mensaje ransomware family. It encrypts files stored using a cipher algorithms and keeps them lockdown until a ransom payment is done, i.e., decryption tool from the attackers behind the threat is purchased. During encryption process, uanl appends the filenames by .uanl extension. For example, a file named 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.uanl. Soon after the encryption process is completed, the ransomware drops a ransom note in a .txt file format that asks users to contact the threat developers. , uanl encrypts files using a cipher algorithm that creates a unique code/key associated with each victim. All the keys are stored on remote server that is only accessed to the threat developers. The hackers through the ransom note blackmail victims to pay Bitcoin sum to provide a decryption tool embedded with the unique code/key. The Read more