How to remove Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a from PCs

Easy and simple Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a removal guide Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a is a malicious computer virus detected as Trojan horse. This type of application intrudes by stealth into Windows system and then conducts series of malevolent activities in the background. The presence of this application for long the long time does not suspect to the users because it seems to be a genuine app. When users start detecting errors due to the infection, it is already too late since during the period the threat has already done half of its malicious activities.  It initiates these malicious activities first of all by disabling the running security measures including anti-virus tools and Windows firewalls and opening backdoors for more notorious infections. It connects the command and control server remotely. The hackers on the servers can inject other malicious threats such as ransomware, cryptocurrency miner, and keyloggers that cause more damages to the PC. Ransomware virus encrypts Read more