How to remove from PCs

Complete removal instructions is a rogue website that redirects users to potentially harmful websites as well as delivers malicious content. By using social engineering tactics, it also tricks people to subscribe to its push notifications so that it can launch intrusive ad campaign even when the browser is closed. Users accessed to this site unknowingly/unintentionally –they are redirected to this site by potentially unwanted programs. PUPs intrude without users’ consent. Aside redirecting users to the malicious site, PUPs deliver intrusive advertisements and gather the data related to users’ browsing activity. Threat Summary Name: Type: Adware Symptoms: Seeing ads not originating from the sites you are browsing, intrusive pop-up ads, and decreased internet browsing speed Distribution methods: Deceptive pop-up ad, potentially unwanted applications Damages: Decreased computer performance, browsing tracking, possibly additional malware intrusion Removal: Use spyhunter to eliminate Potentially unwanted programs are designed to force open a Read more