Remove .[[email protected]].Acuna Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete step by step .[[email protected]].Acuna Virus removal instruction Acuna or otherwise called .[[email protected]].Acuna Virus is dangerous Globeimposter ransomware family virus. This malicious program operates by encrypting data stored and demanding ransom payment for their decryption. In other word, it asks users to buy a decryption tool from the threat developers to recover the encrypted files. In between the encryption process, the encrypted files are titled to .[[email protected]].Acuna extension. For example, a file name 1.jpg appears as 1.jpg.[[email protected]].Acuna Virus after encryption. Soon after that, the ransomware creates a text file named help you.txt and drops it on each folder containing encrypted files and also places it on desktop. The short message on the created text file states that victims have to contact to the Cyber crooks behind .Acuna virus, if they want to recover their data. The email should contain user’s ID (listed on the ransom note) and the domain of Read more