How to remove Snake ransomware

Easy Snake ransomware removal instructions Snake ransomware is a file-encrypting virus that cybercriminals use to target business networks. The credit for this discovery goes to MalwareHunterTeam. This ransomware encrypts all files stored and appends them with .snake extension. After that, victims are no longer able to access their files till a ransom payment is done. The encryption is done using AES 256 and RSA208 encryption algorithms. To provide ransom demanding message, the ransomware drops “Fix-Your-Files.txt” file on the desktop. As the created .txt file states, the only way to restore the data is to use decryption tool that can be purchased from cyber criminals behind Snake ransomware. In order to get the information how to purchase and how much to pay, the users are asked to contact to them via provided email address – [email protected] Free decryption of 3 encrypted files (that do not contain any databases or spreadsheets) is Read more