Remove SkyStars ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Complete SkyStars ransomware removal instructions SkyStars ransomware has discovered very recently.  It is detected as malicious by 42 engines in VirusTotal. The talks about this virus so common in social media twitter. Many an Internet users has registered their complaint of this virus infection. Once it intrudes, it locks almost all stored files with .SKYSTARS file extension and displays a short message name YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED!!. The SkyStars ransomware virus locks the files by using Advanced Encryption Standard making the files inaccessible. Consequently, a single statement containing ransom note appears on the computer screen that says “YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED!!. The main targets of the virus are English speaking users and since the ransom note appear in this language. We are here not in the position to say anything about the ransom note as it does not contain any information. However, we can anticipate that users are asked a Read more