How to remove SkidPatrol Ransomware from the system and recover the encrypted files

Step by step SkidPatrol Ransomware removal instructions SkidPatrol is a virus pretends to be ransomware family. It supposedly claims to be an advanced variant of WannaCry ransomware that has already compromised 15,000 computers in 2017. In reality, it is not a WannaCry variant and also does not encrypt any data. This does not mean that it is not dangerous. It is a dangerous virus and so should be removed immediately. The SkidPatrol Ransomware threatens victims that their files are encrypted and so they have to pay ransom fee, if they want the previously functioned files to be accessed once again. However, it may not encrypt the files but the developers may introduce cryptographic algorithm in near future. The things that make its dangerous are that it is designed in such a way that upon getting inside, it runs malicious modules to conduct a series of malicious activities that include data Read more