Remove .SIFRELI_DOSYA file virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .SIFRELI_DOSYA file virus removal guide SIFRELI or otherwise called .SIFRELI_DOSYA file virus is a ransomware type of infection that encrypts almost all files stored and denies users’ access to them until a ransom is paid. It appends .SIFRELI_DOSYA extension to each of the targeted files. After encrypting data, the SIFRELI virus drops a ransom note on which Cybercriminals behind the threat inform victims that about the attack and give the instruction what they need to do now. The created text file states that the developers are social engineer who exploits the vulnerabilities on the targeted PC and launches the attack.  It informs about the encrypted files and stolen personal information and instructs them if they want the files back and protect the personal information from being published on the Internet, they have to pay ransom. To know what the price they have to pay is, the users have to Read more