How to remove .sfs file virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .sfs file virus removal instructions .sfs file virus is another variant of Djuv/STOP ransomware. After successful infiltration, sfs encrypts most of the stored files and appends .sfs extension to the filenames, e.g., a file name Original.jpg after getting encrypted by this virus get renamed as Original.jpg.sfs. Following to encrypting the data, the ransomware generates a file (HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.txt) and drops a copy in every existing folder. Threat Summary Name: .sfs file virus Type: Ransomware Extension use: .sfs Cyber Criminals contact: [email protected] , [email protected] and a proton email Symptoms: data encrypted, ransom payment is demanded to allow users access their files Distribution: Spam email attachments, torrent websites, malicious ads Damages: Files get encrypted and cannot be opened without a ransom fee. Additional intrusion of some banking Trojan or other malicious malware Removal: Use Spyhunter to delete .sfs file virus The “HOW TO RECOVER FILES.txt” file states that Read more