Microsoft Spotted Astaroth Backdoor Trojan: FIleless Malware Attack

According to report, Microsoft researchers have recently spotted Astaroth Backdoor Trojan which is now back and using a living-off-the-land techniques to make it even harder for most the antimalware to identify the attacks. Thanks to Windows Defender ATP (well-known commercial antivirus Windows Defender for free) which was detected this risk during May & June 2019. Security researchers team was used specific algorithm to catch a form of fileless attacks in particular. Let’s take have a look at statement of Microsoft Defender ATP official report. “I was doing a standard review of telemetry when I noticed an anomaly from a detection algorithm designed to catch a specific fileless technique. Telemetry showed a sharp increase in the use of the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool to run a script, indicating a fileless attack.” Fileless Astaroth malware spreads via malicious email messages with links to malicious .lnk file Microsoft researcher’s team found Read more

Libyan Hacker Delivered Malicious Posts on Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles

Cyber criminals uses Facebook platform to spread malware to access users’ sensitive data According to security experts, this platform is one of biggest sources for Cyber criminals to spread malware to spy on targeted machine and collect curial data of innocent users. When we talk about Libyan hacker, this hacker group was since active for past five years. They are responsible for spreading malware across the mobile and desktop devices which help them to manage to access the sensitive infraction of victims in order click on unwanted links and downloading files posted on misleading Facebook page and groups. Let’s take have a look at complete story. Libyan hacker (suspect) spreads malware across desktop devices and mobile in order to access sensitive data of innocent users According to report, Libyan hacker is being involved in such illegal activities from last 5 years who have hacked numerous Facebook accounts as well as Read more