How to remove .roto file virus and retrieve encrypted files

  Delete .roto file virus from PC [Removal Instructions] According to expert, it is described as dangerous and harmful computer malware that has been designed and created by cyber crooks. This nasty threat has data locking features and it hijack your files to demand extortion money for allegedly recover them. Upon successful intrusion, this file virus can easily scan your entire hard drives for files. It will encrypt all your files by using powerful encryption algorithm and makes it completely useless. After encrypting, it will add “.roto” extensions to the end of every encrypted filenames. Once this process completed, it drops ransom note which gives instructions to victims on how they allegedly restore their data. As usual, the ransom note contain short message which states user that all their files have been encrypted and can only be unlocked by using private decryption key. To get such key, you have to Read more