How to remove .Roger file virus (+ decrypt .Roger files)

Complete instructions to delete .Roger file virus from computer .Roger file virus is defined as a new variant of highly risky ransomware belongs to Dharma ransomware family and was discovered by Jakub Kroustek. This malware is created by remote hackers with an aim to encrypt data and demand ransom for decryption tools. While performing encryption process, all affected files are renamed with victim’s unique ID, developers email address and by using “.Roger” extensions. After completing this process, a text file “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt” is created on your desktop as well as pop-up window is displayed. Briefly description about .Roger file virus The ransom note explains victims that all their personal files are encrypted by powerful encryption algorithm and if you want to restore them you should immediately contact with cyber crooks. It also states that all files have been encrypted due to some security problems and if you want to access Read more