Remove .rencrypted files virus and recover encrypted files

 Complete .rencrypted files virus removal instructions The .rencrypted files virus belongs to the CryptGhost ransomware family. Like other viruses of this family, it launches numerous malicious actions soon intrudes inside a computer. At the end, it ends sensitive data stored on the PC to be processed by a strong cipher algorithm. The encrypted files will be remarked with .rencrypted extension and the victims are then blackmailed by hackers behind the ransomware via a ransomware note crafted and dropped by the ransomware soon after encryption process is completed. Threat Summary Name: .rencrypted files virus Type: Ransomware Short description: The ransomware encrypts stored files on your computer and then demands a ransom to be paid to allegedly restore them Symptoms: Files cannot be accessed, the previous functioned files appear with some different extension, and ransom payment is demanded Distribution methods Spam email campaigns Damages: possibly data stealing Trojan or other malicious malware Read more