How to remove from Browser

From past few days, I am noticing as the default homepage of my PC browser? Though I am able to us Google search-engine provider but it is not showing correct result for my search-queries. Interestingly, it is showing inner links of in the search-result for every query. Commercial ads are displayed on every webpage I visit. Lucrative deals, coupons, etc. are displayed but when the notification is clicked, the webpage gets redirected over nasty websites including porn domains. The browsing activities have gone in a mess. Please help. About is a risky webpage redirect virus that promotes bogus deals, coupons, price etc. and when user click on it, the webpage gets redirected over unsafe websites. It has been developed by cyber-criminals and their aim is to bring maximum traffic on websites that is sponsors and commission and funds in return. Additionally, it secretly adds browser plug-ins Read more