How to remove .rdp file virus and recover .rdp files

Complete .rdp file virus removal guide Rdp or otherwise called .rdp file virus is a variant of Paradise ransomware family. Just as other viruses of this family, it encrypts stored files and denies users’ access to them until a ransom is paid. During encryption, it appends the files with .rdp extension plus victim’s associated ID number and developers’ email address. A file 1.jpg would likely appear as 1.jpg[id-sw4uXZP5].[[email protected]].Rdp after the encryption. Following the encryption process is completed, the ransomware creates %%_WHERE_MY_FILES_=#.html containing a ransom note. The created file provides instructions how the Cybercriminals can be contacted. [email protected] email address and @helprestore Telegram account is provided for the same. When contacted, the cybercriminals ask users for payment for providing a decryption tool that helps in files decryption. Typically, the Rdp uses a cipher algorithm that creates a unique key associated with each victim individually during the encryption process. All such keys Read more