How to remove .omnisphere File Virus [files retrieval instruction included]

Complete .omnisphere File Virus removal instruction OmniSphere or otherwise known as .omnisphere File Virus is a ransomware type virus that encrypts files stored. This is done by using a proper AES encryption algorithm that creates a change for the developers to blackmail victims.  The main targeted files are photos, documents and archives and so on. A text file named DECRYPT_MY_FILES_OS.txt that informs about the whole encryption process and instructs on how to get Bitcoins. Another file is added by the ransomware containing a unique code that is used for the alleged decryption. We highly recommend not negotiating with the Cybercriminals as they are not trustworthy. The hackers group behind OmniSphere ransomware has yet not known. Also, the researchers have not any information available regarding any features of the infection. Depending on specific goals, the hackers can develop the threat to run malicious processes on the background and cause major problems Read more