How to remove .ntuseg File Virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .ntuseg File Virus removal instructions .ntuseg File Virus is yet another variant of Djvu ransomware. After successful infiltration, it encrypts vast majority of files and thereby making them inaccessible. During the process, it changes the name of the files by adding .ntuseg extension and where the name of the virus is derived from. Once the encryption process is completed, the ransomware drops a ransom demanding message under _readame.txt file that appears on each and every folder containing encrypted files. This ransomware iis firstly discovered by Michael Gillespie. Threat Summary Name: .ntuseg File Virus Type: Ransomware Short description: The ransomware encrypts stored files on your computer and then demands a ransom to be paid to allegedly restore them Symptoms: Files cannot be accessed, the previous functioned files appear with some different extension, and ransom payment is demanded Distribution methods Spam email campaigns Damages: possibly data stealing Trojan or other malicious Read more