Remove .Noos File Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .Noos File Virus removal instruction Noos or otherwise known as .Noos File Virus is a ransomware-type infection that encrypts stored files and makes them inaccessible. The infected users will see their files including images, audios, videos, documents, backups and banking credentials getting a new extension at the end of their filenames. Noos appends them by adding .Noos extension and so a file named 1.jpg will be renamed as 1.jpg.Noos. Soon after that, the ransomware creates a .txt file named readme.txt and drops it on each folder containing encrypted files. The created file states that the files are encrypted and that the victims need to contact to the developers belong to the threat through provided [email protected] and [email protected] email addresses, if they want to get back the files in their original accessible condition. It also states that the files decryption requires a unique key that only the developers can provide Read more