Remove .Nesa file extension and recover encrypted files

Easy step by step .Nesa file extension removal instruction Nesa or otherwise known as .Nesa file extension is a ransomware-type infection belongs to DJVU/STOP ransomware. It was discovered by Michael Gillespie. It is designed to encrypt files stored and denies users’ access to them until a ransom payment is done. This kind of virus can target any type of files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials. These file receive .Nesa extension on their filenames during the encryption. Once done, they become unusable. The ranomware then creates a .txt file titled readme.txt and drops it on each folder containing encrypted files. The created file states that the files are encrypted and that the victims require contacting the ransomware developers through the provided email address. According to it, users who write the email agree to purchase the decryption tool provided by the developers. It further states, the Read more