How to remove .NDGHacks file virus from PCs

Complete .NDGHacks file virus removal guide NDHHacKs or otherwise called .NDGHacks file virus is a variant of Jigsaw ransomware. It encrypts files stored using AES algorithm and denies users access to them till a ransom is paid. The major targeted files include .jpg, .docx, .mp3, .mp4, and many others. During encryption process, .NDGHacks extension name is added to each encrypted files. After completing the encryption process, the ransomware displays a window containing a message that lists out encrypted files and states victims that the files can be restored after paying a ransom. Instruction given on the pop-up Window: The amount of the ransom is $150 which is to be paid in 24 hours following to the infection. The window has a 60 minute timer. Once the time has elapsed, the ransom deletes one file. Also the number of files deleting increases after each deletion. On restarting the computer or re-executing Read more