How to remove .nakw File Virus and decrypt .nakw files

Complete .nakw File Virus removal guide The credit for .nakw File Virus discovery goes to Michel Gillespie. It is a file locking virus that employ RSA encryption algorithm for encrypting files stored and appends .nakw extension to the filenames. It is 177 in number in the long list of DJVU/STOP family variants. The threat initially injects inside window registry and Task Manager Locations. Afterwards starts the encryption process. It can target any kind of files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, backups and even banking credentials that are found on compromised hosts. After this, it creates _readme.txt file and places it on each folder containing encrypted files and on the computer screen and puts ransom demands between $490 and $980. Nakw ransomware tries to scare people that their files have been encrypted using a cipher algorithm and the only way to recover them is to purchase the unique decryption tool Read more