Remove [[email protected]].junior file virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete [[email protected]].junior file virus removal instructions Junior or otherwise [[email protected]].junior file virus is another ransomware-type virus belongs to Paradise ransomware family and is discovered by Jakub kroustek. Like other viruses of this type, the ransomware encrypts almost all the stored data and forces victims to pay ransom. Ransom note is displayed in HTML file named “%=RETURN FILES =&.html” and assigns the locked files with .junior extension name. The created file contains information about the ransomware attack and states that, to decrypt the files, victims have to contact Junior’s developers via [[email protected]] email address. Once contacted, the victims will be provided the information about how to pay the ransom. According to the note, once the payment is done, the developers provide a decryption tool the victims to restore the encrypted files. Typically, the ransom fee is demanded in any cryptocurrency. Additionally, victims are warned not to change the name of the Read more