Remove .MKOS File Virus and decrypt .MKOS files

Complete .MKOS File Virus removal guide MKOS or otherwise called .MKOS File Virus is a cryptovirus belongs to STOP/DJVU ransomware. Just as other viruses of this family, it encrypts files stored and keeps them lockdown until a ransom payment is done. During the encryption, MKOS appends the files with .MKOS extension. Following to encrypting the files, the ransomware creates a _readme.txt file and drops it each infected folders. The created file states that the files are encrypted and can only be restored by unique decryption tool/Software. To get this tool, the victims have to contact the developers of .MKOS File Virus. For the contact, two email addresses are provided on the .txt file. The price of the decryptor is $980 in Bitcoin. The developers claim that they will the decryptor once the payment is done. They offer huge discount of 50% on the decryptor price for a limit period of Read more