How to remove .Merl File Virus and decrypt .Merl files

Complete .Merl File Virus removal guide .Merl File Virus is a dangerous computer infection that encrypts stored files and denies uses access to them. It puts huge demands of $980 in Bitcoin for the decryption. It uses a strong cipher algorithm for the encryption that allows the developers behind it to create unique codes/keys associated with each victim individually. Obviously, without using the keys, the decryption is not possible. Read the article and see how you can get back your files in the original form without negotiating with the ransomware developers. .Merl File Virus locks all discovered files and documents with .meri extension and provides information about the payment in _readme.txt file. Here, users are asked to contact the developers for decryption tools/software that helps in files decryption. They are encouraged to buy the decryptor within 72hours to get huge 50% discount, by which the price of the tool drops Read more