How to remove meds ransomware (Removal instructions)

Step by step methods to delete meds ransomware and recover encrypted files It is defined as an extremely harmful computer malware that belongs to file encrypting family. This dubious threat silently enters into your PC and encrypts all your important and personal files without permission or consent. after intrusion, this ransomware adds the “.meds” extension to all encrypted files and makes it totally useless and inaccessible. after that, it will also leave ransom note on your desktop to notify you about encryption. The ransom note states that all files are encrypted and can only be opened by using private decryption key. unfortunately, it is true because ransomware encrypts file by using strong encryption algorithm that creates unique code for each victim individually. The price of decryptor is $980. However, the persons who contact developers within 72 hours after file encryption will be provided 50% discount and you have to pay Read more