Remove Mailto ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Complete Mailto ransomware removal instructions Mailto ransomware or otherwise known as kokoklock ransomware is recently spotted ransomware-type virus. Like other viruses of this type, it encrypts files stored and demands a ransom payment from the victims to allegedly recover the files. The main targeted files are videos, documents, presentations, pictures, databases, music and other personal files. The encryption is done via using Salsa20 cipher algorithm. During encryption, the ransomware marks with an extension consist of 6 characters. For example, .1be018, .d0e731. Following the encrypting the files, the ransomware generates [file extension].Readme.txt that states that the users have the chance of getting retrieved the files. All they have to do is to contact the developers via [email protected] or [email protected] The obvious reply to the note is that you cannot trust the people behind it whose only intention is to extort money. On the note, they claim to provide a decryption tool Read more