Remove .[[email protected]].BTC File Virus from PCs

Simple guide to delete .[[email protected]].BTC File Virus and recover files According to expert, it is an updated version of ransomware type programs called Crptxxx. This ransomware is distributed through malicious applications called “Rogers Hi-Speed Internet”. The main aim of this virus is to encrypt all stored files of the targeted system so that it is also known as file encrypting virus. This perilous threat is able to invade all kinds of Windows based OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and latest versions Windows 10 without permission. Once infiltrated, it encrypts files and appends filenames with “btcware” extension and makes all files unusable for victims. After encryption, this file virus will also leave ransom note on your desktop to notify you about encryption. It will demand huge sum of amount through Bitcoin so that they can provide you decryption key. The ransom note contain short message that encourage victims to Read more