New variants Cookieminer is capable of stealing crypto-wallet; reported

‘Palo Alto Network Unit 42’ researchers published a report about a recently active cyber-threat that has affected many Mac OS. They called it a dubbed Cookieminer since its primary goal is to stealing browsing cookies related to cryptocurrency wallets. Cookieminer has huge capabilities to trigger all kind of personal data as well as furtive execution of a crypto-mining malware on the system to maximum profits. It also aims to generate revenue by abusing the affected computers’ resources to mine cryptocurency koto- very popular in Japan. By looking the extreme behavior of the Cookieminer, it seems that the bad actors behind this threat might scan the ‘two-factor authentication security measures’: “Stealing cookies is an important step to bypass login anomaly detection. If only the username and password are stolen and used by a bad actor, the website may issue an alert or request additional authentication for a new login. However, <…> the Read more