How to remove .LonleyEncryptedFile file virus from PCs

Complete .LonleyEncryptedFile file virus removal instruction LonleyCrypt or otherwise known as .LonleyEncryptedFile file virus is a malicious program classified as ransomware. It prevents users’ access to their files stored by encrypting them with strong cipher algorithm. The encrypted files will receive .LonleyEncryptedFile extension name. Following to encrypting the files, the ransomware creates a ransom note in .txt or .html file format that informs victims the possibility of getting the files back. According to the ransom note, the files are encrypted and the victims must need to contact the Cybercriminals behind the threat, if they want to get them back. It further states, the files are retrieved only by using a unique decryption that only the software developers can provide it. Unfortunately, this is true. The files encryption is done using a cipher algorithm   that creates a unique code for each victim individually. All the keys are stored on remote server Read more