How to remove .lokas file Virus- detailed information [files recovery instruction]

Easy step by step .lokas file Virus removal instructions .lokas file Virus is another variant from Djvu family. Michael Gillespie is the researcher who has discovered it lately. This malware is designed to encrypt stored files on a compromised PC and to demand ransom payment from the victims. The files will get .lokas extension to their filename. A ransom note “_readme.txt” appears to inform the victims about the ransomware attack and provides ransom demanding message. The victims find this file under each folder containing encrypted files. According to the ransom note, the victims need to purchase a unique decryption tool in order to restore the files. The encryption algorithm that this ransomware use is not known. However, it is certain that the decryption require a unique key. The ransomware creates a unique key during encryption process. The problem is that the developers hide this key under remote server and then Read more