Remove LOCKEDS Ransomware and decrypt .lockeds files

Easy LOCKEDS Ransomware removal guide LOCKEDS Ransomware is a new variant of DCRTR-WDM ransomware family. It encrypts stored files using a cipher encryption algorithm and appends their filenames with .LOCKEDS extension. For example, a file name 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.LOCKEDS and inaccessible, of no use. After completing the encryption process, the ransomware creates two files HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.hta and HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt and drops it on each compromised folder. The text file informs that the data has been encrypted with a unique key. To decrypt it, users must have to contact the ransomware developers via provided email address. Further, it says attaching provided unique ID number on the email that they write for the contact. The .txt file ends with warning that any delaying in contacting may end the possibility of files decryption. The HTML file contains detailed information. It tells about the size of ransom that users have Read more