How to remove .lbiaf6c8 file virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .lbiaf6c8 file virus removal instructions .lbiaf6c8 file virus is a variant from Scarab ransomware which employs sophisticated AES-256 and RSA-2048 algorithms to lock personal files on a targeted computer. Soon the encryption occurs the files get a specific extension. This variant uses .lbiaf6c8 as a file extension name. In other word, the files encrypted by this variant will be marked as .lbiaf6c8 extension. Later on, a ransom demands of $300 to $500 through a created a file, also called ransom note for the exchange of a key that can decrypt the encrypted data. Sadly, the users who pay the money have not got the decryption key. .lbiaf6c8 ransomware uses Necrus threat to spread around. In addition, fake flash player, exploit kits are the two major sources through which the possibility to get infected with this ransomware increases greatly. Following to successful infiltration, the virus encrypts the files including videos, Read more