How to remove .kr file virus and recover encrypted files

Easy step by step .kr file virus removal guide Kr or otherwise called .kr file virus is a Crypsis/Dharma ransomware family virus. It encrypts stored files and makes them inaccessible until a ransom payment is done. During encryption, it renames the files using .kr extension name plus a victims’ ID and email address belongs to the ransomware developers. For example, a file named 1.jpg becomes[[email protected]].kr after being encrypted. Following to this, the ransomware creates a text file titled FILES ENCRYPTED.txt and drops it on desktop and displays a pop-up window. The text file states that the files are encrypted and to return it, victims must need to contact the ransomware developers using [email protected] or [email protected] email address. The pop-up window provides further information. It states that the email that users write must include ID number provided to them. They can attach 1 encrypted file of their choice whose free Read more