Remove .Kiss File Virus and recover encrypted files

Step by step .Kiss File Virus removal guide Kiss or otherwise called .Kiss File Virus is a huge ransomware-type infection. The hacking group behind this threat is not known. It is believed to be a new iteration of a famous ransomware family. Once the ransomware intrudes inside PCs, it executes a series of in-build tasks depending upon local condition and the specific hacker infections. These activities could be data gathering, window registry modifications and various other malicious codes or viruses’ injection. Following to this, the ransomware begins its primitive encryption process. It encrypts most of the files stored and makes them inaccessible till a ransom payment is paid. .Kiss File Virus targets all kinds of files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials. During the encryption process, it appends their filenames using .Kiss extension name additionally added with email address belongs to the ransomware. After this, Read more