Remove .James ransomware and recover encrypted files

Step by step .James ransomware removal instruction James is a new variant of phobos ransomware family. It operates by encrypting stored data and keeping them locked until a ransom payment is done. During the encryption process, it appends the filenames of these files with .james extension name. Following after this, the ransomware generates a file titled info.txt and an info.hta pop-up onto the users’ desktop. The text file states that info.txt states that the users’ files are encrypted and they must contact the developers of the virus through the email provided. The html application contains detailed information. It instructs to write unique ID number on the email as responses. It also states that the users can attach their 3-4 files having less than 4MB in size whose free decryption will be provided as a proof that the decryption tool is really working. The note further states how to gain the Read more