How to remove idp.helu virus from PCs

Complete idp.helu virus removal instructions idp.helu virus is a name of a possible threat  detection, however this may be false. According to cyber experts, it comes under Trojan horse. But, it is not certain to say for what purpose it is distributed and this is determined by a throughout scan to the infected PC. Different types of malware can be associated with the same IDP detection result. At present, no specific information has known about idp.helu virus. There could be Trojan, worm and malware of other kinds that run in background and hide behind this name. So, without any particular symptoms, it is not possible o find the malware itself without damaging the device. Threat Summary Name: idp.helu virus Type: Potentially unwanted program Possible reason for the detection: Trojan Distribution: shady tools, software can get on the PC with the help of trojans, backdoors, and corrupted sites Possible danger: serious Read more